“The opportunity to shorten time-to-experience is tremendous. We are excited to get gamers into DREADNOUGHT faster than ever before.”

Markus Windelen
Managing Director at Six Foot Europe

“The oppor”As a passionate gamer for over 25 years now, I want to play my desired games as soon as they are available. But nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable than waiting for the download to end, while my friends are already playing. Games are made for being played a lot – and downloads are made for finishing fast!”

Marco Radeck
Head of Marketing, KIVI.one

“ROCKIT is full of awesomeness. The first time I tried ROCKIT I was deeply impressed about the quality and the potential that comes with this technology. This will change the way of digital distribution in a way MP3 changed music distribution.”

Thorsten Rendel
Partner Business Evangelist Gaming, Microsoft

“The implementation was as easy as promised. Really bulletproof technology, stellar performance. It looks like a game-changer in digital distribution. I hope this tech goes live very soon. Our gamers will love it!”

Dieter Schoeller
CEO & Founder Headup Games, Head of Publishing Thunderful

“Digital innovations like ROCKITPLAY lower friction-to-play for players on Antidote and ultimately game distribution.“ said Aleix Canals, CEO of Sekg. Players on Antidote unambiguously confirmed, they would like to see ROCKITPLAY in digital stores of their choice.”

Aleix Canals
CEO of Antidote by Sekg