ROCKITPLAY Fast Game Start

Game Size vs. Bandwidth

Players expect games to look great with hyper-realistic textures, vast worlds, and hours of gameplay. With games often being 100 GB or more, it takes hours from download start to game start - even longer in markets with lower available bandwidth.

Time-to-play is critical in today’s video game economy. A delay of hours between download start and launch is a huge obstacle to getting users into the game. With ROCKITPLAY, users can 'click-to-play' for an almost immediate experience, while enjoying the full performance of their local PC.

ROCKITPLAY dramatically reduces Time-to-Experience – up to 200x – without requiring changes to the developer’s source code. Game stores, publishers, and developers can use ROCKITPLAY to create installers that quickly start a game, long before the full download is complete.


ROCKITPLAY is software developed by DACSLABS that accelerates application starts through machine learning. Based on real user behavior the system intelligently predicts required data blocks in order to start the game during download.

Playing while downloading!

With every start of a game, ROCKITPLAY analyzes required game data and intelligently prioritizes the download of exactly those bits & bytes required to start the game long before download is completed.


  • Fast Game Start

    Up to 200x faster while downloading

  • Prefetching

    Data access on HDD greater than SSD Speed

  • Unlimited Scalability

  • Powerful engine

    Microsoft certified

  • Patented technology

  • Fast Patcher

    Up to 50% smaller patches

  • Dynamic Preload

    According to available bandwidth

  • No further game installation

    required after preload

  • No Changes to game Source Code required

How does ROCKITPLAY work?

ROCKITPLAY analyzes an application's components and intelligently prioritizes the delivery of those parts required for real-time code execution before the full download is complete.

In simple terms: ROCKITPLAY starts a video game after the first level is downloaded allowing players to start playing the game while all other levels are downloaded progressively in the background. In practice, it is a lot more complicated, because games access data in various ways.

Using machine learning algorithms, ROCKITPLAY determines how each game accesses data. ROCKITPLAY intelligently queues and prioritizes that data for delivery to the user runtime ensuring that the gamer can play seamlessly. Actual user gameplay behavior is taken into account so that ROCKITPLAY can assemble data optimally for fast game start.

The accelerated ROCKITPLAY game image can be served from any standard file server environment. By instantly fetching unpredicted data requests, ROCKITPLAY can start games with the smallest initial load possible and deliver unpredicted requests on-the-fly to ensure an uninterrupted gameplay. The result: Amazingly fast game start and continuous playing that competes head to head with game streaming.

Easy Implementation

In the standard process of delivering a video game, ROCKITPLAY comes in at the end, after a developer has created a game ISO or subsequent releases.

ROCKITPLAY then uses automated tools to observe a game’s runtime behavior relative to its data.

Game stores can implement ROCKITPLAY system-wide to offer fast starting games. ROCKITPLAY used in this way will transform application stores into nearly instant experience launchers, able to immediately engage users.

ROCKITPLAY is a powerful tool expanding digital distribution into low-bandwidth regions, able to deliver fast game start with limited available bandwidth.

Fast start and "click-to-play" experiences can be employed to introduce users to new experiences ranging from instant marketing demos to Netflix-like access to video games.