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Initial Setup

ROCKITPLAY Launcher requires Windows 10 64-bit. In case your are using Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 please send us a short note and we will provide you with a different download link.

The ROCKITPLAY launcher is the tool that allows your games to start long before the download is complete. So you spend more time playing and less time waiting.

ROCKITPLAY files can be found under C:\Program Files\ROCKITPLAY Launcher andC:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\rockit-launcher

Your PC must meet the following requirements:
- Windows 10 64bit
- 300MB free hard drive space on drive C:
- minimum system requirements of the game
- active internet connection


If you select drive C: during the installation process, a folder named %appdata%\rockit-launcher\ROCKIT-Library will be created and the game will be installed there.
If you choose any unit other thand C:, a folder named ROCKIT-Library will be created in the root folder of the drive
(Example: if you choose D: the game will be installed in D:\ROCKIT-Library)

The launcher needs to download a small fraction of the game before it can start. The size of said fraction will change depending on your actual internet speed.


While Playing


No. The game data is not accessible without the ROCKITPLAY launcher.

If you internet connection fails, ROCKITPLAY Launcher will try to re-connect as soon as your network is working again. If this is not the case, the launcher will minimize the game and inform you that you need more data to continue playing.

In some rare cases, like when your internet is slower than normal, you may experience temporary stuttering while playing. This normally doesn't last long. If this is not the case and the stuttering persists, make sure that your internet is working properly and that you don't have any other network-intensive jobs (other downloads, streaming services) active in the background while you play.

Uninstalling ROCKITPLAY Launcher / Games

Use the "add or remove program" feature from windows and start typing the name of the game. You will find two entires; one with ROCKITPLAY simbol and another with a Blue Icon. Select the one with the blue Icon and choose to Uninstall that one.

You can remove the launcher through the "add or remove programs" windows feature by start typing "Rockitplay" and clicking and select "uninstall" in the entries containing "Launcher" and "kernel".
(IMPORTANT: make sure you remove any ROCKITPLAY-Accelerated game that you may have installed BEFORE removing the launcher)

This issue happens when you uninstall the launcher before unistalling the game.
Steps to solve this issue:
1. Reinstall the game using the installer that you downloaded
2. Uninstall the games via the "apps and features" menu
3. Once the game was uninstalled, unninstall both the ROCKITPLAY launcher and the ROCKITPLAY Kernel