Robot Cache Slashes Game Start Times to Minutes or Seconds With ROCKITPLAY FastStart Technology

Robot Cache, a videogame marketplace disrupting game distribution, has started releasing game titles using ROCKITPLAY FastStart. Now gamers can start playing in seconds or minutes after purchase and play while downloading.

The wait is over. Gamers don’t have to experience the frustration of waiting hours for game downloads any more. Instead, they can head over to Robot Cache where games powered by ROCKITPLAY FastStart eliminate up to 99% of waiting time. Games start almost instantly after clicking to download. And while gamers enjoy playing, the rest of the download is silently being taken care of in the background. To maximize performance, Akamai’s low-latency content delivery network is used, ensuring the technology achieves the fastest possible start time.

Robot Cache, the game store that lets players trade games and earn iron to get free stuff, is the first major game store to deploy ROCKITPLAY FastStart. This innovative approach to game delivery works on any game with no code changes or developer support. And the technology doesn’t just shave off a few minutes of start time – it can reduce wait time by up to 99%.

But don’t just take our word for it – try it out yourself with the game Darksiders Genesis at Robot Cache online.