Robot Cache and DACSLABS to Deliver the Fastest Game Starts in the West

Robot Cache, a videogame marketplace disrupting video game distribution by enabling gamers to earn and sell their games, is deploying ROCKITPLAY FastStart technology so players don’t have to wait for long downloads or patches ever again. 

There’s a new game store in town that will soon end players’ frustration over long wait times for downloads or patches. Robot Cache, the not-to-be-messed-with game store that lets players trade in games and earn digital currency to get free stuff, will soon start games almost instantly by integrating ROCKITPLAY FastStart from DACSLABS.

The combination of Robot Cache and ROCKITPLAY promises to shake up the small town of game stores. Similar to Netflix or Spotify, as fast as gamers can buy a game digitally, they can start playing. It is like getting to play every game with a Fastlane Pass – go straight to the front of the line and start playing! 

With ROCKITPLAY FastStart technology, gamers start playing games while downloading within seconds or minutes, and patches will be reduced to a fraction of their size, so gamers can play more and wait less. ROCKITPLAY uses a virtual drive powered by a Microsoft Certified Kernel level driver to house fast start games and to store them sequentially according to their required need at runtime. One side effect – if you have an old school hard drive, your game starts and respawns will be accelerated to SSD speeds. That will add some real horsepower to your older PC or Texas-sized game drive. 

If this little morsel isn’t enough, you can read more about what’s to come over at the Robot Cache Blog, or check out our blog series on the future of game stores here on LinkedIn.