How to end Gamers’ Frustration Over Long Download Wait Times & Reduce the Energy Consumption, Cost and Carbon Footprint of Game Delivery

Over the years of developing a breakthrough technology that can start any game in minutes or seconds compared to hours, we have seen faces turn from disbelief to excitement. We asked gamers whether they prefer waiting for many hours for a download to complete or to start playing almost instantly, and play while downloading. We also listened carefully to game stores, publishers and CDN providers. The result: a solution that runs fully automated in any existing environment, and flips an entire game store the size of Steam to FastStart in a day without requiring game code changes or developer support. ROCKITPLAY FastStart also delivers on society’s expectation that companies utilize technology to improve energy efficiency and fight climate change, expecting all of us to responsibly reduce energy consumption wherever possible.

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Game stores and game publishers stand to benefit from lower content delivery or CDN costs, making this a win-win solution. The gaming industry is poised to take a big leap forward in sustainability. Let’s seize this opportunity to lead the change in carbon-efficient entertainment.

With ROCKITPLAY FastStart, gamers never need to endure long waiting times for downloads – they just click to play and start playing in minutes or even seconds. ROCKITPLAY reduces data transportation and costs by up to 80% by

  • Eliminating preloading followed by huge initial patches for Day One Game Delivery
  • Cutting patch sizes by up to 50%
  • Intelligently delivering games progressively, so you only load what you play
  • Delivering just enough data for try-before-you-buy instead of dumping the full client

Thanks to its patented technology ROCKITPLAY always delivers the smallest initial data package to start gameplay. Once in the game, any data not yet downloaded that is needed for game execution is fetched in milliseconds unnoticeable to users to ensure an uninterrupted, seamless gameplay.