How Game Stores and Their CDNs Can Solve The Day One Game Delivery Dilemma

Game publishers and their content delivery networks (CDNs) often deliver games days in advance of launch to manage server loads and bandwidth. But this comes at a cost! Previously we have discussed the pain faced by gamers when it comes to planning ahead, scheduling downloads, and managing hard drive space in order to fully enjoy a new blockbuster game on its release day. In this article we will explore the consequences faced by game publishers and stores as they meet the surge of Day One demand. 

Today, publishers provide game stores with an early version to support gamers’ routine of preloading a game a few days in advance. One consequence is that patches must be downloaded and installed prior to game start on launch day. As a result, game stores pay avoidable, higher costs for redundant game data delivery. 

CDNs are expected to meet every demand at any time. But these bandwidth peaks come at a higher cost for game stores. Bandwidth peaks on Day One game delivery, season updates or huge patches for blockbuster games are managed by providing more servers and bandwidth to meet the demand. Game stores have to absorb these costs, paying for more bandwidth than actually needed (preload plus launch day patches) while facing a higher price per GB at peak times. This is the Day One Game Delivery Dilemma for Game Stores and CDNs.  

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Steam download bandwidth usage for 48 hours around Cyberpunk Day One game delivery.

So how can we resolve the Day One Game Delivery Dilemma?

At DACSLABS we developed ROCKITPLAY FastStart, a progressive download technology that lets games start with as little as 1% download. Since games can start quickly, there is no need to pre-deliver games. Only the most up to date version is released, no initial patch needed. Benefits include:

  • Skip preloading days in advance and avoid redundant data drops and costs
  • With FastStart gamers always start competing in minutes with the latest version
  • Balance existing bandwidth to serve more downloads than ever before

The benefits of this data-efficient approach extend beyond just CDNs and game stores. Gamers are able to start their games in mere minutes or even seconds, with no requirement to preload games or wait for sizable day one patches. The ability to play while downloading creates an unmatched user experience. ROCKITPLAY FastStart does not require any game code changes or developer support, and the technology can flip hundreds of games to FastStart almost overnight. 

Ready to join us in our mission to transform game delivery? Discover more about ROCKITPLAY FastStart on our website and connect with us on LinkedIn.

In our next blog, we’ll explore how ROCKITPLAY FastStart is not just a game-changer for the gaming industry, but also a driver for greener, more sustainable game delivery. Stay tuned!