Game Discoverability is Almost as Hard as Finding Life in Space…Unless You have the Right Tools. Introducing ROCKIT instantPLAY.

In a universe of content, you want players to discover your game!

Unfortunately, discoverability has become insanely difficult, especially for games from smaller publishers and Indie developers. The number of new games has exploded – Steam now boasts a dizzying 75,000 games, up from just 3,000 a decade ago – making it harder than ever to win visibility and capture users.

While game stores have introduced search tools like filters, tags, curated collections, the system seems to favor the top few titles. This means that smaller publishers cannot rely on organic game store traffic – they need to promote their game and create demand on their own.

After all, no one is in a better position to tell your game’s story than yourself. And for once social media is the perfect outlet to connect to your community directly. But how can publishers turn those interactions into new, paying players?

Today, DACS LABS GmbH is introducing ROCKIT instantPLAY, a powerful marketing tool that provides a click-to-play experience for any game, eliminating friction-to-play and increasing user engagement, conversion and revenues. Users jump straight into gameplay from links placed in ads, social feeds, or shares, and play while downloading. This also effectively eliminates dropouts due to long downloads. But the real winners are the gamers, who can play in seconds and decide for themselves if a game is as it sounds!

ROCKIT instantPLAY uses FastStart technology to offer immediate play for PC games, game trials or demos with a streamlined installer designed to minimize friction. In the past, an ad might point to more information, or a video, and link to a game store. Now, an ad or post is a magic portal straight into gameplay. With ROCKIT instantPLAY, it has never been easier to build your direct-to-consumer relationship, powered by almost frictionless conversion from marketing to gameplay.