Changing the Economics of Free-to-Play:

Lets Eliminate Download Dropouts & Reduce Game Delivery Costs by 50%, And Sell Direct to Gamers

Gamers love to play, but they hate waiting for downloads or patches to complete before playing. Today’s games are bigger than ever, and downloads can take hours. Free-to-play games only generate revenue after a gamer starts to play, so getting players into the game – fast – is absolutely critical. 

At DACSLABS we are on a mission to eliminate friction to play using our advanced application FastStart technology which delivers only the data needed to start play or patch a game. Gamers can play in seconds and while downloading. ROCKITPLAY runs on your existing infrastructure and helps gamers start play with as little as 1% downloaded, virtually eliminating download dropout for PC free-to-play titles. And it reduces data required to deliver game patches by an average of 50%, saving costs and bandwidth.

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For each 1,000,000 installs, we estimate about $750,000 in value with an estimated 20% increase in revenues from eliminating download dropouts, 60% cost savings for delivering only the portion of the game actually played, and 50% cost savings on bandwidth for game patches over the games lifecycle.

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ROCKITPLAY Fast Start eliminates long download wait times – driving revenues and lowering the average user acquisition cost. Together, we can stand up a test instance on your infrastructure in just a couple days, making it easy to test FastStart with your games and to evaluate the financial benefits of lower bandwidth costs and convert more gamers into customers.